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Solar Grazing

Are you a solar farm owner or operator?

We are members of the American Solar Grazing Association and are ready to discuss how Hodges Livestock can help solve your vegetation management issues through dual use of sheep and mechanical mowing.

Sheep enjoy eating many types of weeds and invasive species and are good at grazing under the panels where it is more labor intensive to mechanically mow. Solar grazing has been used as a vegetation management strategy for solar farms across the United States. In addition to solar grazing being implemented in Texas, nearly all solar farms in North Carolina, New York, Florida, and most of Europe utilize solar grazing. Solar grazing is a more environmentally-friendly option compared to 100% mechanical mowing systems. 

We are life-long learners committed to finding ways to efficiently and sustainably raise livestock. We both have undergraduate and graduate degrees in the animal science field. Our educational background and industry experience drive our passion to provide livestock-based solutions that benefit the community, our livestock, and the environment.

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